Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (2024)

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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (1)

The best Thanksgiving leftovers recipes to enjoy your leftover with the next day!

The Thanksgiving dinner is a truly amazing thing and one of the parts that I enjoy most is just getting started when the dinner comes to an end and that is thinking about creative ways to use all of the leftovers. In fact I tend to plan on making more than I believe that will be finished to ensure that there will be enough leftover to experiment with. Although I would be probably be perfectly happy using all of the leftover turkey in my favourite roast turkey sandwiches, I see it almost as a challenge to do something new and creative with the leftovers every year to keep things interesting. There are just so many things that you can do with roast turkey and if you also consider using some of the other leftovers in the same dish like the cranberry sauce or the sweet potato casserole things really start to get really fun. If you roasted a full turkey, don?t throw the carcass out as you can use it to make some turkey stock and that opens up a whole new load of doors for turkey soups and stews. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some ideas for using your Thanksgiving leftovers in creative ways and so I present to you some of my favourites!

Cranberry and Brie Turkey Grilled Cheese with Avocado and Bacon
Roast Turkey Club Sandwich with Cranberry Sauce
Easy Homemade Turkey Stock
Turkey and Wild Rice Soup
Roast Turkey Cobb Sandwich
Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict
Roast Turkey Cuban Sandwich
Turkey and Squash “Thanksgiving” Risotto
Texmex Hot and Brown
Grilled Turkey and Brie Sandwich with Cranberry Chutney
Roast Turkey Sandwich with Artichoke Tapenade, Caramelized Onions and Roasted Red Peppers
The Rachel Sandwich (aka Roast Turkey Reuben Sandwich)
Turkey and Cranberry Quesadillas
Turkey and Cranberry Sushi
Turkey, Cranberry, Brie and Pear Sandwiches with Avocado and Bacon
Turkey Pho
Ham and Eggs au Gratin
Ham and Bean Soup
Split Pea Soup
Roast Beef Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Grainy Mustard, Horseradish Mayo
Pot Roast Mushroom Soup
Pot Roast Grilled Cheese French Dip Sandwich with Spicy Miso Au Jus
Cranberry and Brie Turkey Quesadillas with Avocado and Candied Jalapenos
Ham and Pineapple Fried Cauliflower Rice
Cottage Cheese and Egg Muffins with Ham and Cheddar Cheese
Ham and Potato Corn Chowder
Ham and Cheese Egg Casserole
Pot Roast Beef Philly Cheese Steak Dip
Slow Cooker Roast Beef French Dip Sandwich
Pot Roast Sandwich Smothered in Gravy with Melted Swiss Cheese and Horseradish Mayonnaise
Creamy Ham and Pea Pasta
Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup

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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (35)

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (36)

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  1. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (37)Culinary Cory says

    Great list of leftover ideas. Nice variety of sandwiches.


  2. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (38)Kerstin says

    You're got all the bases covered here, what a great list of ideas!


  3. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (39)3 hungry tummies says

    What a great list of using up leftover!!!


  4. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (40)WannabeVirginia W. says

    Awesome recipes. I am wondering if you could include the nutritional facts or calories of the meals that you have made.


  5. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (41)Nina Timm says

    I think I'll skip the real deal and move over to the leftovers right away!!!


  6. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (42)screwdestiny says

    Ooh, they all sound so tasty! I'm just gonna be boring and make a turkey shephard's pie…


  7. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (45)Sharon says

    Wow great leftover ideas, having the family over tonight to eat leftovers, so these are great!


  8. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (46)Chris says

    My personal favorite is the Kentucky Hot Brown, but these are all great ideas.


  9. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (47)LV says

    When are you going to produce a Closet Cooking cookbook? They'd make great Christmas presents! I'd buy one for everyone I know!


  10. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (48)Kaylie says

    The Turkey and Brie sandwich looks amazing! I'm Canadian so my Thanksgiving was a while ago, but I may see if I can find some turkey breasts at the store just to try that. 🙂


  11. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (49)Gina says

    All great ideas!!!


  12. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (50)Anonymous says

    Fabulous ideas – I think the risotto and chilli are top of my list as favourites.
    🙂 Mandy


  13. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (51)LimeCake says

    Wow what a mouthwatering roundup of delicious recipes to try!


  14. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (52)MissAlyssa says

    that photo of the turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce is making me want to eat turkey again!!! ill fight the urge but yum E!!!!


  15. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (54)Anonymous says

    I like your leftover ideas…I may try a grilled pizza if we have enough turkey or ham leftover..if we have alot of mexican fajita meat left over I usually make a grilled pizza from that. You should try something like that. I'm a blogger myself at Happy Thanksgiving!


  16. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (55)Bibliovore says

    Nice — thanks for posting this! One more suggestion for you: a savory brioche/puff (I like Better Homes and Gardens' recipe for Gruyère puffs) makes a fantastic seat for turkey salad or on which to spread cranberry sauce.


  17. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (56)vicky says

    I dont eat turkey but man oh man – those recipes look divine (except the sushi one). Great post.


  18. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (57)Anonymous says

    You've done it again! Never ceases to make my mouth water! BRAVO!!!


  19. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (58)Anonymous says

    I can't decide if I would rather have had your turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce for breakfast, or the extra large slice of pumpkin pie that I just indulged in! Thanks for sharing; happy Leftover Day.

    -the tasty tRuth


  20. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (59)Elizabeth says

    Turkey and cranberries are the best!!


  21. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (60)Love In Spoonfuls says

    Oh my GOODNESS! definitely making the turkey and brie grilled cheese and the quesadillas. Plus, you had my mouth watering with the description of the turkey, cranberry and mayo combo… love it. Good thing I have more turkey (and leftovers) coming my way this Christmas!


  22. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (62)JQR77 says

    These all look really good. I'm especially interested in trying the sushi.


  23. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (63)Kara Rae says

    I used your turkey pho recipe as a base. I also added dried shiitake mushrooms along with the star anise, cloves, etc.- added an extra layer of flavor. Thanks for the recipe- we've started a new (happily, gluten-free) post-thanksgiving tradition!


  24. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (64)tanya1234 says

    thankxxxxx 🙂


  25. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (65)ROR says

    ah Kevin, you're killing me, man… all the leftover turkey stayed at my folks' place!! :/


  26. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (66)Natty says

    So… Much… Turkey… Haha, can't eat anymore turkey!

    Natalya @ Ruff House Art


  27. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (67)Anonymous says

    Yummmm definately going to try these out!!!


  28. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (68)charmel tan says

    These are perfect recipes for our thanksgiving left overs. We don't want it to got to waste. We have to savor and enjoy it.
    electronic voting systems


  29. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (69)Adriana says

    Creative ideas for leftovers! Thanks for the inspiration!


  30. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (70)Jessy @ Italian Shirt says

    Oh… at last found all in one, I was struggling a lot to find a good collection for my thanks giving dinner table. Hope I have no hassle next time thanks to you.


  31. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (71)Pauline says

    Turkey pho! What a great idea! (Also, you forgot an "h") I'll have to try that myself.

    You should also try brisket pho! Brisket is even better than the usual rare sliced steak (I come from a Viet household whose momma makes one of the best pho around).


  32. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (72)Kevin says

    Pauline: Turkey pho is definitely a great way to enjoy the turkey leftovers and to use those turkey bones! I will have to try a brisket pho now!


  33. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (73)Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious says

    How wrong is it that I just want to skip Thanksgiving and head right to the leftovers?!


  34. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (74)Heather Christo says

    OH KEVIN!!! this looks amazing- I want all of those sandwiches!!!!


  35. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (75)Olivia says

    Great list of ideas! Thank you


  36. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (76)Gaby Dalkin says

    that turkey club sandwich!!!! want!


  37. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (77)Sabrina says

    wow, these are elevated turkey sandwiches, I’ve always only made the simplest turkey sandwiches by comparison, turkey cranberry brie is such a great idea for a sandwich and a spin off of brie and jam or other preverses, cranberry even better, I like it’s flavor and it’s nor overly sweet, like turkey I need to consider cranberry miuch more often than November 24, thank you!


  38. Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (78)sara chan says

    Transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into delicious creations! Try a turkey and cranberry panini, mashed potato pancakes, or a festive turkey and stuffing casserole. Get creative with these recipes to savor the flavors of the holiday season even after Thanksgiving Day. 🦃🍂 #LeftoverMagic #ThanksgivingTransformed



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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes (2024)


What is a creative way to eat Thanksgiving leftovers? ›

Instead, try turning your leftovers into a casserole, like our turkey divan, our chicken stuffing casserole, or our turkey pot pie; a soup, like our turkey noodle soup, our leftover turkey & wild rice soup, or our homemade turkey stock (made from your turkey carcass); or something lighter or more flavorful than before, ...

How do you deal with leftovers on Thanksgiving? ›

The answer is simple: leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator for three to four days. This means you have until the Monday after Thanksgiving to eat all those delicious leftovers or place them in the freezer to enjoy later. If you store leftovers in the freezer, they will be of best quality within 2-6 months.

How do you use leftovers creatively? ›

Creative Leftover Ideas for Common Ingredients:

Leftover cooked meats can be incorporated into sandwiches, salads, or pasta dishes, while meat scraps can be #repurposed into flavorful stews or tacos. Leftover rice and pasta can be transformed into flavorful fried rice or baked pasta dishes.

What is a good alternative Thanksgiving dinner? ›

Alternatives could be:
  • Baked Stuffed Shrimp dinner or any seafood, saffron herbed rice, seasonal vegetables.
  • Beef Crown Rib Roast dinner with Potatoes Gratin Dauphinoise and asparagus.
  • Roast Leg of Lamb with wine, lemon, garlic, and rosemary, Brussel sprouts, wild rice.
Nov 5, 2023

What are 4 commonly consumed foods at Thanksgiving other than turkey? ›

Cornish game hen, goose, duck, ham, beef, salmon, and mushroom recipes make worthy centerpieces for holiday meals.

How long are Thanksgiving leftovers good for? ›

What are some guidelines for storing leftovers? The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service recommends throwing out refrigerated leftovers after three to four days. If foods are kept in the freezer, they can usually still be consumed for three to four months.

What percentage of people prefer Thanksgiving leftovers? ›

Apparently I'm in the minority, as this poll reported that 80 percent of Americans prefer the leftover version.

Why do Thanksgiving leftovers taste better? ›

The flavor compounds – the herbs, the spices, the reactions that take place during cooking, sort of cool back and depending on how you have cooled and refrigerated your food, actually get back into the food and get trapped into the starches and the proteins.

How many Americans prefer leftovers on Thanksgiving? ›

But what about all of those leftovers? While 80% of people love next-day turkey and fixings, the other 20% are indifferent or hate them.

What to do with leftovers you don't want? ›

Reimagine Leftovers

Shred leftover meat and turn it into a pasta sauce, combine leftover vegetables into a frittata or make a stir-fry or fried rice using yesterday's rice. You can also pickle them, turn them into a casserole or blitz them into a quick dip or soup to save time.

What can I do with leftovers in the fridge? ›

Cover leftovers, wrap them in airtight packaging, or seal them in storage containers. These practices help keep bacteria out, retain moisture, and prevent leftovers from picking up odors from other food in the refrigerator.

What is the least favorite dish for Thanksgiving? ›

"For the third year in a row, cranberry sauce takes first place as the most disliked traditional Thanksgiving food. Over 31% of respondents, 82 million American adults, do not want cranberry sauce for their Thanksgiving dinner.

What is America's favorite Thanksgiving side dish? ›

What is America's favorite Thanksgiving side? Mashed potatoes took home the top spot for this year's favorite side. The top five most popular holiday side dishes include: Mashed potatoes.

Which state eats the most turkey on Thanksgiving? ›

Of all the states, residents of California consume the most turkey per person, but California is not one of the five. Missouri is. It's number five. The top turkey producing state is Minnesota, followed by North Carolina, Arkansas and Virginia.

What to do with leftovers you don't like? ›

Don't Throw That Away! 10 Creative Ways to Use Leftovers
  1. Create leftovers purposefully. ...
  2. Store leftovers smartly. ...
  3. Dedicate a leftovers night. ...
  4. Turn dinner into lunch. ...
  5. Think “ingredients,” not “leftovers.” ...
  6. Make soup. ...
  7. Salvage stale bread. ...
  8. Stash vegetable scraps.

What foods make great leftovers? ›

  • Meatloaf. Though meatloaf is often restricted to the weeknight dinner table, it is a powerhouse leftover. ...
  • Lasagna. Sure, there's nothing better than lasagna coming out of the oven hot with bubbling cheese. ...
  • Pulled Pork. ...
  • Beef Stew. ...
  • Chili. ...
  • Frittatas, Quiches and Tarts.

How do you enjoy leftovers? ›

Here are just a few ideas:
  1. Turn side dishes into a main course like a vegetable plate on a meatless Monday.
  2. Add new ingredients to leftovers. ...
  3. There is nothing that isn't made better when you Put An Egg On It like burgers, rice, or salad.
  4. Make it a wrap or sandwich. ...
  5. Turn it into a soup or stew.
Dec 28, 2022

What are 3 ways that you can save money on Thanksgiving dinner? ›

But there are several things you can do to save money and still create a traditional Thanksgiving dinner everyone will love.
  • Plan a Budget. ...
  • Scale Back the Menu. ...
  • Start Shopping Early. ...
  • Use Coupons & Savings Apps. ...
  • Buy In-Season Produce. ...
  • Don't Go Overboard on Appetizers. ...
  • Keep Beverages Simple. ...
  • Have a Plan for Leftovers.

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