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So many pieces of accessory to choose from! Which one should I get?

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Blox Fruits is an RPG game where you choose to become a master swordsman or a powerful fruit user. As you train your character and become stronger, accessories also play an important role in increasing your power levels. Currently, there are more than 38 pieces currently available in-game.

Some of these accessories will provide a boost to your overall health points, while some give you more damage as well as utilities. Your accessory choice depends greatly on what stats you are in need of. In this tier list, we’ll help you rank some of the accessories in the game, so you know what to get.

Best Accessories Tier List | Update 21

Blox Fruits: Best Accessories Tier List | Update 21 - Item Level Gaming (3)


  • Palescarf: This is like an upgrade from the Dark Coat. This piece gives you +15% Blox Fruit and Sword damage, +2 Instinct Doges, and x10 larger Instinct vision. If you are bounty hunting, this becomes very useful for you.
  • Santa Hat: This gives you 30% movement speed, +12.5% blox fruit and sword damage. You’ll also receive +400 energy and +400 health.
  • Cupid’s Coat: The piece gives 12.5% Blox Fruit and Sword Damage, +8% Damage Resistance, +400 Energy and +600 Health.
  • Hunter Cape: This cape gives you +80% movement speed, +750 health, +10% melee, sword, and gun damage. If you are a sword or gun main, use this piece.
  • Lei: This gives you +50% health regeneration. If you have the Angel V4, this becomes very strong. You can use the ability to heal yourself and the effect to heal you even further.
  • Terror Jaw: The piece is one of the best for sword users. It gives you a 10% increase in Sword Damage, Skill Cooldown Reduction. You’ll also get a +20% Defense against sea events, +200 energy and health.
  • Heart Shades: This gives you +12.5 Gun and Melee Damage, +5% Damage Resistance, +600 Energy and Health.
  • Party Hat: It gives you 10% extra XP, +400 Energy and Health. This is a great piece for you to farm and level up anything that you need.

Very Good

  • Dark Coat: The piece gives you +15% Blox Fruit damage and a +600 increase in energy and health.
  • Valkyrie Helm: This piece gives you +15% Sword Damage, +600 Energy and Health.
  • Leviathan Shield: This gives you +15% Defense against most types of damage, a -90% decrease in water damage, +30% Defense against sea events. Other than that, you’ll also gain an impressive +1000 Health. Just like its name, it primarily focuses on defense stats.
  • Swan Glasses: This gives you +25% movement speed, 8% skill damage, cooldown reduction, and all damage resistance. You’ll also gain a +250 increase in health and energy.
  • Holiday Cloak: It gives you 10% Melee damage and Fruit Damage and +1 Instinct Dodge. This is decent but you can definitely get something better.
  • Musketeer Hat: This gives you a +12.5% Sword and Gun Damage, and a -12.5% skill cooldown reduction for both of them. If you are a sword or gun user, this is really useful.
  • Elf Hat: This is an accessory you can get from the event. It gives you +20% movement speed, +10% melee and sword damage, -5% melee and sword skill cooldown.
  • The Leviathan Crown: This is really good for farming, but not that great in PvP. This gives you +12% Melee Damage, 35% Sea Event Damage, +25% Health Rengeration, +40% Material drop chance from Sea Events, and +1 instinct dodge.
  • Shark Tooth Necklace: It gives you 50% movement speed, 10% dash distance, and +25% Sea Event Damage. This is really good if you are farming the sea beasts or the leviathan boss.
  • Golden Sunhat: The accessory gives you a +10% increase in all types of damage along with 500 health. This is an all-rounder accessory that you can use however you like.
  • Bandanna: This gives you a +80% in movement speed, a 10% increase in sword, melee, and gun damage, along with 750 energy. This is a quite balanced accessory.


  • Ghoul Mask: This is a really good piece for you to get with a 35% movement speed increase, +500 energy, and a 10% life leech on melee attacks.
  • Holy Crown: This gives you a +5% all-damage increase and resistance. Along with that, you’ll also get +5% Energy Regeneration, +500 Energy and Health.
  • Pilot Helmet: This gives you a +130% movement speed increase, +10% health regeneration, +250 energy, and +250 health.
  • Warrior Helmet: This gives you +12.5% melee and sword damage, -5% melee and sword skill cooldown. These are definitely some really nice buffs.
  • Zebra Cap: With this, you’ll get a +10% Sword damage, -15% Fruit Skill cooldown, 500 energy, and 150 health.
  • Jaw Shield: This gives you +50% movement speed, +12.5% melee damage, +10% damage resistance, +500 energy and +250 health.
  • Choppa: The stats may not seem very impressive with a +3% Blox Fruit Damage and +10% Blox Fruit Damage Resistance. However, you’ll get a 15% Cooldown decrease for your fruit skills. This makes it really useful for Devil Fruit users and if you’re in the Second Sea.
  • Top Hat: The Hat gives you +3% Melee damage, -10% All Skill Cooldown, and +10% Sword Damage resistance. The all-skill cooldown decrease makes it good for almost anything.
  • Red Spikey Coat: This is as good as the Blue Spikey Coat. The piece gives you 7.5% all damage, 250 energy, and 500 health.
  • Blue Spikey Coat: This Coat gives a 7.5% increase in all types of damage, 500 energy, and 250 health. This is a better version of the Black Spikey Coat.
  • Marine Cap: The rare accessory gives you a 7.5% increase in sword and gun damage and a -10% cooldown reduction for both your sword and gun skills. If you are using swords and guns in the First and Second Seas, you can use this piece.
  • Cool Shades: This gives a 7.5% all-damage increase, 17.5% movement speed, 100 energy and 100 health. Cool Shades is good for the First Sea.


  • Black Spikey Coat: This gives a 7.5% increase in all types of damage, 200 energy, and 200 health. This is quite useful for you to use in the Second Sea.
  • Pretty Helmet: This gives you +50% movement speed, +12.5% Melee damage, +10% melee damage resistance, +500 energy, and +250 health. The melee damage effects aren’t that useful in PvP or for farming.
  • Black Cape: The Black Cape gives you 100 energy, 100 health, and a 5% increase in all types of damage. This is a decent accessory since it is in the First Sea.
  • Usoap’s Hat: If you are a gun user, this piece is a usable one for you. This gives a 7.5% increase in gun damage and a -15% cooldown for gun skills.
  • Pink Coat: This accessory gives you 10% extra gun damage and 200 health. This item is useable thanks to the extra health it gives.


  • Bear Ears: This is the worst accessory in Sea 3. This gives you a 10% damage resistance and 500 energy.
  • Tomoe Ring: Just like the Swordsman Hat, this is the fruit damage version of it with a 10% damage increase. With only one stat increase, it is not that good.
  • Swordsman Hat: The accessory only gives you one buff, which is 10% sword damage. For this reason, it is not that useful.
  • Coat: This piece gives you 200 Energy and 10% melee damage. For beginners, they mostly use the devil fruits so this 10% damage increase is useless.

That is the Best Accessories Tier List in Blox Fruits Update 21. Depending on what you need, you’ll want to get the right types of stats for your builds. As the game gets new updates, there may be future changes to the tier lists, so always stay updated!

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Blox Fruits: Best Accessories Tier List | Update 21 - Item Level Gaming (2024)
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