Accessories in Blox Fruits | Wiki & Tierlist [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (2024)

On this page, we will explore a wide variety of accessories available in the fascinating world of Blox Fruits. Accessories not only add style and personality to your character but can also provide additional benefits and enhance your gaming experience.

From elegant hats and capes to powerful amulets and legendary swords, discover how these unique accessories can make a difference in your adventure. Get ready to explore and unlock the most coveted treasures of Blox Fruits in our Accessories section!

Speaking with the Nerd at the Seconde Sea Café or in the Third Sea Mansion will help you know the benefits and advantages of the accessory you are currently using.

All Accessories in the First Sea

Here are all the accessories that we can obtain in the First Sea:

  • Black Cape
  • Swordsman Hat
  • Pink Coat
  • Tomoe Ring
  • Vice Admiral’s Coat
  • Cool Shades
  • Usoap’s Hat
  • Marine Cap

All Accessories in the Second Sea

Here are all the accessories that we can obtain in the Second Sea:

  • Black Spikey Coat
  • Choppa
  • Top Hat
  • Warrior Helmet
  • Dark Coat
  • Swan Glasses
  • Zebra Cap
  • Ghoul Mask
  • Blue Spikey Coat
  • Red Spikey Coat

All Accessories in the Third Sea

Here are all the accessories that we can obtain in the Third Sea:

  • Valkyrie
  • Bandanna
  • Hunter’s Cape
  • Pretty Helmet
  • Jaw Shield
  • Musketeer Hat
  • Pilot Helmet
  • Lei
  • Bear Ears
  • Golden Sunhat
  • Holy Crown
  • Pale Scarf

How and Where to Get Accessories in Blox Fruits?

Here is how and where to obtain accessories in Blox Fruits in the following table:

Obtaining MethodsAccessories
Buy from an NPCe.g., Santa Hat
Defeat another player under certain requirementse.g., Usoap’s Hat
Complete a missione.g., Colosseum Quest
Defeat a boss and obtain its drope.g., Vice Admiral’s Coat
Reach a specific stat levele.g., Tomoe Ring

Accessories in Blox Fruits: Rarities, Ranked & Tier List

In Blox Fruits, there are up to 4 rarities of accessories in the game:

  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Accessories in Blox Fruits: Wiki & Boost

In Blox Fruits, an accessory can provide various statistics and attributes as shown in the following table:

Damage Types✊ Melee Damage
⚔️ Sword Damage
🍈 Fruit Damage
🔫 Gun Damage
🌎 All Damage
Stat Types❤️ Health
⚡ Energy
💨 Movement Speed
🕒 Skill Cooldown
🛡️ Damage Resistance
Regeneration Types➕ Health Regeneration
🔋 Energy Regeneration
🩸 Life Leech
Instinct Types⬅️ Instinct Dodges
👀 Instinct Vision Range
Other Modifiers🙍‍♂️ Players
🆙 XP Boost

Accessories: Gameplay & PVP

If you want to be an expert in accessories, consider the following information in the table below:

Accessory Information
Debuffs or negative statisticsCurrently, there are no accessories that apply debuffs or negative statistics to the player.
Accessory LimitA player is allowed to wear only one accessory at a time.
Party HatIt is useful in early and mid-game stages as it is the only item that provides an XP Boost, making it great for leveling up.
Event itemsSome event items that were available during certain periods may or may not be obtainable through normal means, although Seasonal Accessories may reappear annually.

What Accesories reduce cooldown?

To gain an edge in combat, many players seek accessories that minimize ability cooldowns. For instance, items like the Dark Coat can decrease the time it takes for your skills to refresh, allowing for more frequent use.

Can you have 2 accessories in Blox fruits?

In Blox Fruits, you have the opportunity to equip multiple accessories to maximize your character’s abilities. While traditionally only one accessory slot is available, certain game passes or events can temporarily allow for a second slot, doubling your strategic options.

What accessories in Blox fruits give speed?

Speed can be a game-changer in Blox Fruits, and accessories such as the Flash Boots provide a significant increase to your movement speed, enabling you to outmaneuver opponents or navigate the world more quickly.

Best accessories in blox fruits for fruit main

If you primarily use Devil Fruits, the right accessory can greatly enhance your powers. The Sea Necklace, for instance, not only boosts the damage of water-based abilities but also offers a slight health regeneration effect, making it a top choice for fruit mains.

How to get all accessories in blox fruits?

Gathering every accessory in Blox Fruits requires a mix of exploration, combat prowess, and trading skills. Many accessories are found as drops from defeated enemies, while others can be bought from the in-game shop or traded with other players.

What accessories give the most speed in blox fruits?

Amongst the accessories that boost speed, the Sonic Boots are highly sought after for their exceptional increase in sprinting speed, allowing players to dash across battlefields or through exploration areas at unmatched velocity.

What is the best item to wear in Blox fruits?

Deciding on the single best item in Blox Fruits is subjective and varies based on play style. However, many players favor the Mera Necklace for its all-around enhancements to character stats and the added flame effect that it grants to sword-based attacks.

Accessories in Blox Fruits | Wiki & Tierlist [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (2024)
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