Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Warrior Priest of Sigmar Build and Guide (2024)

The Warrior Priest of Sigmar embodies the unwavering faith of the human Empire’s god, Sigmar. These holy warriors lead and inspire the Empire’s troops on the battlefield and minister their spiritual needs while facing enemies of humankind. Victor Saltspyre’s DLC class indoctrinates our zealous Witch Hunter Captain into the Cult of Sigmar, granting him holy magics to lead and protect the Ubersreik five against the hordes of Chaos, Beastmen, and Skaven.

Every character in Vermintide 2 has access to three career paths and one DLC path, representing the hero’s potential path after the events of Vermintide 1. Today, we will focus on the Warrior Priest of Sigmar, a melee-only career in Vermintide 2, a supportive tank that packs a serious punch while shielding his allies.

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Warrior Priest of Sigmar Skills and Traits in Vermintide 2

Career Skill: Shield of Faith

Saltzpyre imbues himself or an ally with a shield, making them immune to damage for five seconds. When the shield expires, it explodes, inflicting damage on nearby enemies.

Shield of Faith is one of the strongest Career Skills in Vermintide 2. Shield of Faith prevents damage, staggers hordes back with its explosion, and the level 30 talents boost its power even further. Having the capability to shield yourself or your allies from all damage for five seconds is unbelievably powerful.

Passive Abilities

  • Righteous Fury: Saltzpyre gains Fury when nearby enemies die. Upon reaching 100% Fury, he briefly enters Righteous Fury, and his attacks Smite enemies for 20% of the weapon’s damage. Saltzpyre loses Fury while outside of combat.

Righteous Fury boosts Saltzpyre’s horde clear and overall damage the longer a fight goes on. During objectives or hordes where dozens of enemies are surrounding you, Saltzpyre gains extra damage for staying in the thick of a fight. The extra 20% weapon damage ignores armor and scales with the damage of the base hit, giving boosts to either horde clearing or armor-piercing weapons.

  • Implacable: Damage dealt to Saltzpyre is reduced by 20%. A further 20% of incoming damage is dealt to Saltzpyre over three seconds. However, Saltzpyre cannot be killed by damage dealt by Implacable.

Implacable is what solidifies the Warrior Priest into a frontline role. Gaining 20% damage reduction, on top of delaying a further 20% of damage, makes the Warrior Priest exceptionally tanky. Also, generating temp health can negate that portion of delayed damage.

  • Incorruptible: 100% Curse Resistance
  • Enemy of Chaos: 30% bonus Power vs. Chaos Warriors and Beastmen Standard Bearers.

All Warrior Priest of Sigmar Melee Weapons

  • Flail and Shield
  • Holy Great Hammer
  • Paired Skull-Splitters
  • Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome
  • Skull-Splitter and Shield
  • Skull-Splitter Hammer

Best Melee Weapons for Your Warrior Priest of Sigmar Build in Vermintide 2

The Warrior Priest is a melee-only class, similar to the Grail Knight. It’s funny to see both of Vermintide 2’s two melee-only careers are both holy warriors who obtained might and magic from worship. Besides this, the Warrior priest carries two melee weapons into battle, and none of these options are available in Saltzpyre’s other careers.

We believe the Flail and Shield is the Warrior Priest’s strongest weapon. The Flail has the best moveset compared to other shield-paired weapons. For example, the Flail and Sheild’s heavy attack raises the shield while charging the heavy attack, allowing you to block hits before swinging. The Flail also hits multiple enemies with its heavy attack, and since it’s a Flail, it ignores enemy shields, making it the ideal weapon against Shield Vermin.

The only downside to the Flail and Shield is the light attacks aren’t fantastic since the heavy attack outshines the rest of the moveset completely. The weapon’s damage increases when Righteous Fury is active or if you are at the frontline, pushing the horde back.

Honorable Mentions for Melee Weapons

Since the Warrior Priest is a melee-only class in Vermintide 2, you get no options for ranged weapons. As a result, we have three build recommendations depending on your playstyle.

If you want a mixture of horde clear and great precision strikes for defeating Elites and Specials, we recommend the Pared Skull-Splitters. Spamming light attacks with these twin hammers easily stagger back hordes, builds temp health, and cut through cannon fodder. The heavy attacks are powerful overhead swings that kill Chaos Warriors in two or three headshots.

Suppose you want to focus more on killing Elite and Specials. We recommend the Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome. The Blessed Tomb has special heavy attacks which make Saltzpyre lunch forward or deliver an explosive overhead swing that easily headshots and deals AOE damage. However, its light attacks aren’t great and lack cleave, so we only suggest using this as a backup weapon.

Lastly, if you want to upgrade your horde-clearing power, use the Holy Great Hammer. It’s great for making space for your team but lacks good overheads or slams for eliminating armored enemies. It has long windup times, but you can smash through dozens of enemies with two heavy attacks followed by one light attack.

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Best Warrior Priest of Sigmar Talents

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Warrior Priest of Sigmar Build and Guide (1)

Level 5 Talent Choices for Your Vermintide 2 Warrior Priest Build

Eternal VigilanceSlayer of the WickedBlessed Hands
Staggering enemies with a melee attack grants temporary health. Health gained based on stagger strength.Striking multiple enemies in one swing grants temporary health based on the number of targets. Max five targets.Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health, also removing any Wounds.

All Warrior Priest weapons in Vermintide 2 vary from having high stagger to striking multiple enemies in a single swing. If you use the Holy Great Hammer or the Flail and Shield as your primary weapon, we recommend using Slaying of the Wicked.

However, if you choose the Paired Skull-Splitters, we recommend Eternal Vigilance. Both talents are great options but choose whichever fits your weapons.

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Level 10 Talents

Unstoppable ForceRising JudgementSigmar’s Executioner
Striking 3 enemies in a single attack halves the cost of pushing for 4 seconds.Hits increase the Power of the next charged attack by 8%. Max stacks 5.Killing an Elite enemy grants 5% critical Strike chance for 12 seconds. Max stacks 3.

For this talent section, we recommend Rising Judgement for all weapons since the majority of the Warrior Priest’s weapons have tons of power in their heavy attacks, so buffing your Power in any way is always beneficial.

Level 15 Talents

SmiterMainstayEnhanced Power
The first enemy hit always counts as staggered.Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.Deal 40% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 60% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.
Increases total Power Level by 7.5%.

For almost all melee weapons in the Warrior Priest’s arsenal, the Smiter talent is the best choice for your build in Vermintide 2. However, if you choose to wield the Holy Great Hammer, we do recommend using Mainstay since the Great Hammer has a ton of stagger power.

Level 20 Talents

Divine ExcoriationEmpowered SmiteFrom Fury and Fortitude
Pushing during Righteous Fury sends out a holy shockwave around Victor staggering nearby enemies.Smite now triggers after 1 second, gains increased Stagger strength and deals 40% of the attacks damage.Each kill during Righteous Fury restores health to the party based on the Health of the slain enemy.

We recommend From Fury and Fortitude for your build to fit the supportive frontline role of the Warrior Priest in Vermintide 2. Once Righteous Fury is activated, you begin to heal yourself and your allies through kills. Plus, the bigger the enemy, the more health you restore. There are very few abilities that heal your teammates, making this talent a must-pick.

Level 25 Talents

Prayer of VengeancePrayer of MightPrayer of Hardiness
Blesses the party with 35% increased Critical Strike Damage.Blesses the party with 25% increased Stagger Power.Blesses the party with 15% increased Max Health.

For this talent row, all three options are great and will provide unwavering benefits to your team, but Prayer of Might is the strongest. Stagger Power plays a critical part in Vermintide 2’s combat. Obtaining more Stagger Power allows smaller weapons to push back enemies they otherwise couldn’t or lets high staggering weapons knock around Elites or interrupt monsters.

Additionally, the more you can stagger, the more temp health you will acquire. Also, most Vermintide 2’s classes gain temp health either by killing or staggering, so by taking Prayer of Might, your also boosting their temp health gain and your teams’ crowd control.

Level 30 Talents to Cap Off Your Warrior Priest Build in Vermintide 2

Unyielding BlessingUnited in PrayerThe Comet’s Gift
Shield of Faith now lasts for eight seconds and allows the target to trample through lesser enemies and effects.Shield of Faith always affects Saltzpyre when cast on allies.Shield of Faith now revives and heals an amount equal to all damage suffered the last three seconds.

Lastly, all three options are game-changing and open new ways to use your Shield of Faith. However, The Comet’s Gift is easily the best Warrior Priest build choice for this section. Suppose your ally is sent flying across the battlefield, taking half of their HP in a single strike; with The Comet’s Gift, you can restore all the damage they lost.

Additionally, Shield of Faith now revives your allies, so you don’t have to clear through dozens of Skaven to revive your ally; plus, once they revive, they regain any health they lost before becoming incapacitated. The Comet’s Gift has saved countless runs and is one of the strongest upgrades for a career skill.

However, we recommend using United In Prayer if you are interested in an alternative option. Granting yourself and a teammate with invulnerability for five seconds is almost unrivaled in defensive power.

Conclusion for our Vermintide 2 Warrior Priest of Sigmar Build & Guide

That’s our guide for the Warrior Priest of Sigmar in Vermintide 2. The Warrior Priest can be a frontline powerhouse or a supportive tank, regardless of which playstyle you prefer. Saltzpyre’s DLC class is one of our favorite careers. We highly recommend trying them out if you haven’t already.

Sadly, the only major weakness the Warrior Priest has is the lack of range, but if you want to learn about one of the strongest ranged classes that pairs exceptionally well with this inspiring frontline, check out our guide to the best Battle Wizard build in Vermintide 2.

For now, Good Hunting!

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Warrior Priest of Sigmar Build and Guide (2024)


How do you get the warrior priest of Sigmar? ›

Warrior Priest of Sigmar is one of 4 Careers available to Victor Saltzpyre. It is purchased as a Premium Career, separate from Witch Hunter Captain, Bounty Hunter, and Zealot.

How strong are warrior priests? ›

As infantry
Armenian Militia lineWarrior Priest
Hit points6080
24 more rows

How does implacable work in Vermintide 2? ›

Implacable - Damage dealt to Saltzpyre is reduced by 40%, however, half of the damage reduction (20%) is dealt as damage over time to Saltzpyre. This DoT cannot kill Warrior Priest.

What is the starting class in Warhammer Vermintide 2? ›

Mercenary. Markus' default class, Mercenary, is available from the start of the game. It's a melee-focused class that can stagger enemies with his Morale Boost skill while also giving his allies 25 temporary health.

What is the Warrior Priest of Sigmar ability? ›

A Warrior Priest of Sigmar can unleash the Heldenhammer's divine wrath to smite creatures of darkness like Daemons and Undead or even less malevolent beings like Forest Spirits, call upon divine protection for fellow Imperial warriors engaged in battle to enhance their defences or even return a badly wounded comrade ...

When did Warrior Priest of Sigmar come out? ›

Coming to PlayStation4 in January 2022. - New Warrior Priest of Sigmar skin, and more! A Warrior Priest of Sigmar fights evil in all its forms, engaging in close combat with holy purpose. As a Warrior Priest, Saltzpyre draws upon faith to empower his blows and shield himself from harm.

Is Warrior Priest worth it? ›

He's a good frontliner, he can do a crapload of stagger and have 3 different constant buffs you can apply to teammates, either 35% crit power, 25% stagger power or 15% max hp increase. He can also heal indirectly with his "From Fury, Fortitude" talent.

Who is the strongest warrior of all time? ›

Alexander the Great

Who is the strongest priest in the world? ›

Kevin Fast, 56, is a Lutheran pastor, and one of the strongest men in the world. Fast holds about a dozen records from Guinness World Records. He earned one such record by pulling three firetrucks weighing in at 109 tons across 100 feet in just 34 seconds.

Can you get banned in Vermintide 2? ›

If cheats are detected whilst Vermintide 2 is running, our anti-cheat provider Easy Anti-Cheat will ultimately issue a ban. Please be aware that Fatshark cannot assist with bans that are under 6 months old.

What is the best class in Vermintide 2? ›

If you want objectively the best classes in the game it's: Witch-Hunter, Mercenary and Battle Wizard. They are easy to learn but hard to master, if you master them you can complete the game solo on Cataclysm difficulty.

What is the best support character in Vermintide 2? ›

The Mercenary is a great support class. It has phenomenal crowd control abilities and provides a hefty health bonus for nearby allies. Put a halberd in the Mercenary's hands to damage opponents at range, deal great crit chance buffs, and kite enemies for maximum effect.

Does level matter in Vermintide 2? ›

With higher hero levels you unlock new Careers and Talents. Additionally, you will also receive Loot Boxes which can be opened to obtain Equipment. By equipping these items, you can raise your Hero Power, which increases the damage you do and unlock higher Difficulties.

What level should I be for champion in Vermintide 2? ›

Difficulty Restrictions

The requirements to start a mission are: 12 for Recruit Difficulty. 115 for Veteran Difficulty. 215 for Champion Difficulty.

Is Kerillian a wood elf? ›

Kerillian. Kerillian is a Wood Elf and a core member of the motley band of heroes dubbed the Ubersreik Five. Along with the rest of the group, she disrupted Chaos operations across the Reikland during the End Times.

How to play handmaiden vermintide 2? ›

General Playstyle

As a melee based utility career, Handmaiden should always put Special killing as your first priority. Then depends on your choice of melee weapon, focus on Elites or Horde Mobs. Use your low cooldown career skill and Level 30 talent as a utility kit to boost your ability.

Were there warrior priests? ›

Priests were allowed on the battlefield as chaplains, and could only defend themselves with clubs. The Aztecs had a vanguard of warrior priests who carried deity banners and made sacrifices on the battlefield. The warrior-priest was a common figure in the First Serbian Uprising (1804–13).

What is the plague priest in Age of Sigmar? ›

Plague Priests are the fanatical leaders of the Churches of Contagion. Whole conclaves of these rancid beings rule over each of the Clans Pestilens, maintaining their tenuous grip on power through zealotry, cunning and outright violence.

How do you buy cosmetic upgrades in Vermintide 2? ›

You can only purchase cosmetic upgrades by buying the career bundles (The 2 item pack you can see on the dlc's page), unlike the careers themselves.

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