Vengeance From The Ruins (2024)

It has been a long time coming.

Today as I stand with the Company at the forefront of the Movement, there is no longer overwhelming chaos and fear pressed down upon us.

Parliamentary elections open across Europe today. Through this long weekend the Hard Right is expected to seize powerful gains with cruel ferocity.

The ruins of once-beautiful nations in the Old World, flooded and trampled and desecrated by horrific hordes of uncultured, violent parasites, now raise Men who are willing to go to war for their heritage and their people.

And the Left is afraid.

In America, the bizarre and openly cynical prosecutions of a former president have unleashed nearly a quarter billion dollars of donations to him from a furious country, enraged at the final descent by their rulers into open hatred of national tradition.

The Left is in fear of its life.

Across Eastern Europe and Russia, through Africa and Asia and South America, the revolt of the sane peoples of the Earth rises. Traditional values are shielded with law, and economic self-determination rises in defiance of neoliberal financialization.

The Left correctly sees Death marching for it.

It deserves it, and it is going to get it.

This tide of times, this huge pivot of history, will be harsher than ever before.

The desecration of our history, our heritage, our values and our lands and cities has begun the great and inevitable permanent reversal.

Full fathom five thy father lies;

Of his bones are coral made;

Those are pearls that were his eyes;

Nothing of him that doth fade,

But doth suffer a sea change

Into something rich and strange.

Shakespeare was correct and beautiful.

We feel it. We see it.

We know it, and the gibbering terror of the Left comes from their sure and certain knowledge that the vengeance that comes for them is deserved.

They have castrated and mutilated and torn the very wombs from our children, the only seeds of our collective future, and done so with mocking laughter.

They have infected and corrupted and despoiled our industries, leading entire nations into economic collapse and bereft of the means to sustain their populations.

They have inflicted wars and medical genocide for profit, and openly plan sequel after sequel after sequel of devastation and liquidation and wholesale, open murder.

They deserve every bit of overthrow and immolation that comes.

Yet you must not throw your capacity into dysregulated chaos!

This new order requires coherence; it demands your utmost in discipline and determination and devotion!

For nearly a century the Left has reigned from the ashes of the Second World War. And at Nuremburg, their crowning achievement was to proclaim that opposition to their hegemony was not alternative, but criminal.

Do you understand that was projection?

Do you grasp that only cruelty of competence and full explication of your duty of the State will turn the tide from collapse into hard and iron victory?

Do you want to win?

Then I tell you this day that you must form ranks with your brothers in Europe.

You must put down your foul draughts of black pill cynicism and surrender!

You must look and see and recognize that your time has come at last, and you will not win without full shouldered acceptance of your duty of the State.

How eager, how wondrous, how beautiful Men are when they throw off despair and stand forth in grand rising for their rights!

Do you remember the sublime and lovely warning of Yeats?

I have met them at close of day

Coming with vivid faces

From counter or desk among grey

Eighteenth-century houses.

I have passed with a nod of the head

Or polite meaningless words,

Or have lingered awhile and said

Polite meaningless words,

And thought before I had done

Of a mocking tale or a gibe

To please a companion

Around the fire at the club,

Being certain that they and I

But lived where motley is worn:

All changed, changed utterly:

A terrible beauty is born.

When God turns His eye upon the nations, and withdraws His hand from the support of rulers, the great roaring sea of retribution enters with unstoppable rush and crash.

There is no holding the tide.

There is no turning the avalanche.

There is no protestation that stops the turning of the Earth, and nothing withstands the Will of Heaven when it turns against befouled empires and their horrors.

You are the Man of the Age of Militants.

You are the vanguard that brings history to be!

And you must become a builder, a fighter, a leader in this historic time of dreadful beauty and shock, tumult and roar of vengeance, and return your people from injured honor and degraded indifference to the ordered host that delivers victory!

This is your heritage and this is your legacy, forever entwined and of one body.

This is your past and your future, enmeshed and driven by conscious direction.

Your work is past due! And you are called today to this grand rising, this surge and swell and roar of the great depths of human affairs against those who have sought to eviscerate and liquidate you and your peoples for ever.

It is of infinitely serious and existential importance that you fully grasp the demand of hierarchy and order if you would see this beauty of change in full flower!

If you want to win, you must become an army.

If you remain alone, you will die. And with you, everything that you love.

The Left has a great advantage, one that never ends and never goes away.

Evil does not stop, and evil is not confused among itself.

Evil does not hesitate, and evil does not work alone.

Evil has legions, and those legions are headed for you.

Evil does not forbear, and has no mercy upon the field.

It gobbles and gnashes and gulps, and its natural prey is you and your nations and your peoples and history and heritage.

Refusal of loyalty, of hard and permanent decision to march, only feeds the certainty of evil that it will overthrow every last heart and mind until there is nothing but despair, wreckage of nations, and the murderous enslavement of Men!

You are needed, and you must turn to those who build the harsh vanguard, those who fight with cruel expertise, and those who lead with stern and competent execution.

The Tree of Woe has broken this down with explicit clarity:

It’s often said that politics is the art of the possible. But that’s not true. Conventional politics might be just the art of the possible, but dissident politics is the art of the impossible. It’s the art of orchestrating butterfly effects until they cause a hurricane.

You must form ranks, or you will be defeated.

You must fight as one.

You must be the storm.

This Movement, this turning of the Age, represents the overthrow of a dissolute and disgusting century in which evil has been unrestrained in plans and process.

The most devastating lie that you have been forced into, crushed under, and beaten by into subjugated helplessness is the lie that there are none who will begin the fight.

We at the Company have stood forth and we march today with full devotion.

As Europe rises and the Hard Right drives into Parliaments, we are present and long prepared with required delivery of strategic cruelty of guidance.

As America stumbles and fires of rebellion smolder, we are present in the halls and streets and offices and homes of humble men who recognize the vanguard.

As the Third World War accelerates and expands, with concomitant burst and spread of shifted paradigms in force projection and orders of battle, we are prepared.

This is why the Company was created.

This is our sacred purpose in the Age!

We do not truck with despair. We abhor and eviscerate ego. We demand operational excellence and we reward fealty with cruel advance and the majesty of success.

The only alternative is death.

Our values are clear and we never apologize for reality.

f*ck you, pay me.

You will fight with all the sacrifice required or you will fall under evil of the Left.

f*ck you, earn it.

You must get up and walk beneath the Standard of those who know how to win!

f*ck you, fix it.

No one is coming to save you, and you bear inexorable duty of the State.

f*ck you, find out.

Cease your wondering and guessing! It will not preserve your future!

No parley, no quarter.

The Company never negotiates with evil. We exterminate it with vengeance.

Serve God, and live well.

Heaven has withdrawn its mandate from your rulers!

The road is open, and the Way is clear.

We have cut our way forward, we men of the Movement and the Company, and our sacrifices have been deep and horrid and painful in preparation for years.

But as fire forges, and mortification before God purifies, so too do we stand as the vanguard unlike any other.

It is here, in this moment.

We proffer no false promise, no empty celebration, no soft reassurance.

We offer only one harsh and fearsome guarantee:

The Left will not stop until you are dead and all your nations erased.

We have raised the black flag in defiance and grim determination!

We call you to our ranks, to our formation, and to our sacred purpose!

There are no perfect leaders.

There are no perfect plans.

There are no perfect troops.

You go to war with what you have.

We are the vanguard, and we bring harsh operational excellence from the most powerful enterprise expertise in the world.

We are the builders, and every day more groups of men turn to us and accept our guidance and direction, militant factions who declare themselves under our authority.

We are your leaders stepped forth, and we offer our lives and futures and dreadful, grave commitment to sacred purpose that does not flinch nor flutter.

We are not a Party or a Church.

We are the Company, and we bring your future within reach.

Our bodies, our families, our futures are no longer our own.

They now belong to all of you, and to victory that has cast favor towards us.

We are ninja of long training and we work ceaselessly in the dark for justice without pity or false boundaries set by evil men.

I am Ivan Throne.

I tell you this day that the oath I swore, my lips pressed in sorrow and determination to the cold forehead of my dead father, will be fulfilled and sealed before history.

The duty our ancient family bears to our people is upheld with truth and blood.

I will not flag nor fail, and I call you to the same performance.

It is the Age of Militants, and the world burns.

It is time for victory, and for overdue vengeance.

Come under the Standard of the Company.

Join the Movement, and fight with us.

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Vengeance From The Ruins (2024)
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