Beesmas 2024

The quests for the Bears in Beesmas 2024 have been leaked.

For people who don't want to know, please ignore this post. All of these information are extracted and can be found on the Official Bee Swarm Simulator Leaks Discord


Black Bear's Honey Wreath Quest & Rewards:

Collect 5,000 White Pollen. Collect 25 Honey Tokens. Collect 10 Tokens from Leaves. Find 1 Hidden Sticker on a Surface around the map.

10,000 Honey 5 Tickets 1 Paper Planter 1 Field Dice 5 Honeysuckles 10 Snowflakes

Mother Bear's Gingerbread House Quest & Rewards:

Collect 25,000 Pollen from the Sunflower Field. Collect 25 Treat Tokens.

50 Treats 25 Strawberries 5 Gumdrops 100,000 Honey 5 Tickets 5 Jelly Beans 1 Smooth Dice 1 Royal Jelly 1 Gingerbread Bear

Brown Bear's Stockings Quest & Rewards:

Collect 200,000 Pollen with Rare Bees. Collect 200,000 Pollen from the Clover Field. Defeat 10 Ladybugs.

3 Field Dice 3 Royal Jelly Green Check Mark Sticker Green Plus Sign Sticker 1,000,000 Honey 10 Tickets 3 Whirligigs 1 Red Extract 1 Blue Extract 25 Snowflakes

Panda Bear's Snowbear Quest & Rewards:

Defeat 5 Spiders. Collect 10 Tokens from Wild Windy Bee. Collect 50 Snowflake Tokens.

50 Snowflakes 10 Stingers 2 Blueberries 250,000 Honey 10 Tickets 1 Atomic Treat 3 Field Dice 1 Black Balloon 1 Ant Pass 1 Gingerbread Bear

Polar Bear's Beesmas Feast Quest & Rewards:

Collect 8,000,000 Pollen from the Pumpkin Patch. Defeat 50 Puffshrooms.

100 Sunflower Seeds 25 Bitterberries 3 Rubber Duck Stickers Wishbone Sticker Giraffe Sticker 25,000,000 Honey 15 Tickets 500 Treats 5 Oils 3 Hard Wax 3 Gingerbread Bears

Science Bear's Beesmas Lights Quest & Rewards:

Convert 2,997,924 Pollen at the Hive. Collect 654,321 Red Pollen. Chase 77 Fireflies.

25 Moon Charms 5 Neonberries 3 Simple Sun Stickers 1 Traffic Light Sticker 1 Paper Planter 3,275,822 Honey 10 Tickets 3 Enzymes 1 Glue 3 Whirligigs 3 Micro Converters 3 Gingerbread Bears

Dapper Bear's Samovar Quest & Rewards:

Collect 2,500,000 Blue Pollen. Collect 2,500,000 Pollen from the Cactus Field. Collect 4 Hours of Satisfying Nectar. Collect 100 Tokens from Planters.

4 Yellow Coffee Mug Stickers Lanceolate Leaf Sticker Cordate Leaf Sticker Hastate Leaf Sticker Spore Covered Puffshroom Sticker 10,000,000 Honey 1 Ticket Planter 1 Satisfying Vial Elf Cap 10 Soft Wax 5 Whirligigs 25 Snowflakes

Onett's Yard Art on the Lid Quest & Rewards:

Collect 25,000,000 Pollen from the Mountain Top Field. Collect 25,000,000 Pollen with Gifted Bees. Collect a Sticker spawned by your Tool while gathering.

4 Green Circle Stickers 3 Happy Fish Stickers White Button Mushroom Sticker Porcini Mushroom Sticker Fly Agaric Mushroom Sticker Porcelain Dipper Sticker 100,000,000 Honey 1 Festive Planter 1 Star Jelly Peppermint Antennas 1 White Balloon 1 Super Smoothie 5 Gingerbread Bears

Spirit Bear's Galentine Shrine Quest & Rewards:

Collect 110,000,000 White Pollen. Collect 4,000,000 Goo from the Rose Field. Collect 6 Hours of Satisfying Nectar. Match 40 Pairs in Memory Match games. Collect 1 Sticker found by your Bees while Gathering. Donate 10 Hard Waxes to the Wind Shrine. Donate 1 Star Jelly to the Wind Shrine.

6 Small Pink Tulip Stickers 3 Pink Chair Stickers 2 Shrugging Heart Stickers Window Sticker Simple Skyscraper Sticker 3 Pale Heart Stickers Diamond Cluster Sticker 250,000,000 Honey 1 Festive Planter 10 Glitter Toy Horn 3 Swirled Wax 1 Pink Balloon 5 Gingerbread Bears

Bucko Bee's Snow Machine Quest & Rewards:

Collect 10,000,000 Goo from Blue Flowers. Collect 10,000,000 Pollen from the Blue Flower Field. Collect 30 Tokens from Blue Clay Planters. Pop 1,000 Bubbles. Collect 160 Snowflake Tokens. Use 80 Snowflakes.

Simple Cloud Sticker Small Dandelion Sticker Simple Mountain Sticker 3 Bubble Wand Stickers Blue Square Sticker 50,000,000 Honey 25 Tickets 25 Blue Extract 1 Star Jelly Snowglobe 1 Loaded Dice 50 Snowflakes

Riley Bee's Honeyday Candles Quest & Rewards:

Collect 10,000,000 Goo from Red Flowers. Collect 10,000,000 Pollen from the Mushroom Field. Collect 30 Tokens from Red Clay Planters. Spawn 250 Flames. Collect 50 Soft Waxes. Use 20 Soft Waxes.

3 Small Flame Stickers 6 Waxing Crescent Moon Stickers 4 Blowing Leaf Stickers 3 Scythe Stickers Red Palm Hand Sticker 50,000,000 Honey 25 Tickets 25 Red Extracts 1 Star Jelly Electric Candle 2 Red Balloons 5 Gingerbread Bears

Stick Bug's Nymphs Hats Quest & Rewards:

Collect 3,000,000,000 Pollen from the Pineapple Patch. Collect 2,000,000,000 Pollen from the Clover Field. Collect 1,000,000,000 Pollen from the Dandelion Field. Collect 250 Tokens from Stick Bug. Collect 150 Tokens from Defense Totems.

Right Facing Stump Snail Sticker Forward Facing Spider Sticker Small Blue Chick Sticker Menacing Mantis Sticker Little Scorpion Sticker Left Facing Ant Sticker Forward Facing Aphid Sticker Walking Stick Nymph Sticker 20,000,000,000 Honey 100 Tickets 1 Turpentine Pinecone 20 Enzymes 10 Star Jellies 5 Swirled Wax 1 Robo Pass 10 Gingerbread Bears

Robo Bear's Party Cake Quest & Rewards:

Collect 16,777,216 Goo. Collect 512 Cogs. Purchase 32 Upgrades in Robo Bear's Challenge. Defeat 32 Cogmowers. Pick 16 Legendary Bees in Robo Bear's Challenge. Pick 8 Rare Bees in Robo Bear's Challenge. Defeat 2 Golden Cogmowers. Complete 1 "Collect Goo" Quest in Robo Bear's Challenge.

4 Pink Cupcakes Stickers Lightning Sticker Barcode Sticker Magnet Sticker Electro-Magnet Sticker Pulsar Sticker 268,435,456 Honey 64 Snowflakes 32 Tickets 16 Stingers 8 Micro Converters 4 Smooth Dice 2 Caustic Wax 2 Robo Passes 1 Sticker Planter

Honey Bee's Honey Wreath? Quest & Rewards:

Make 999,999,999 Honey. Complete 99,999 Honey Conversion Links. Collect 9,999 Honey Tokens. Collect 999 Tokens from Honeystorms. Collect 999 Honey Gift Tokens. Collect 99 Tokens from the Honey Wreath.

9 Silly Tongue Stickers 9 Honey Dipper Stickers 9 Honey Bee Bear Stickers 999,999,999 Honey 9 Tickets 1 Pink Shades 999,999 Treats 9 Magic Beans 9 Gingerbread Bears 9 Micro Converters 9 Purple Potions 9 Tropical Drinks 9 Star Jellies

Gummy Bear's Goo Years Beacon Quest & Rewards:

Collect 10,000,000,000 Goo from White Flowers. Collect 1,000 Tokens from Gummy Bee. Use 1,000 Gumdrops. Defeat 100 Flying Ants. Defeat 200 Party Mechsquitos. Complete 3 "Collect Goo" Quests in Robo Bear's Challenge. Defeat 3 Epic Puffshrooms. Use the Blue Cannon 25 times. Use the Yellow Cannon 25 times. Use the Red Cannon 25 times.

Launching Rocket Sticker Saturn Sticker Glowing Smile Sticker White Flag Sticker Alert Icon Sticker Atom Symbol Sticker 4 TNT Stickers Precise Eye Sticker Fuzz Bomb Sticker 3 Yellow Sticky Hand Stickers Dark Flame Sticker 2 Black Diamond Stickers Small Shield Sticker 100,000,000,000 Honey Glowering Gummy Bear Sticker Toy Drum 100 Tickets 2,500 Gumdrops 100 Neonberries 10 Glue 5 Caustic Wax 5 Super Smoothies 500 Snowflakes

BBM's Naughty List Quest & Rewards:

Collect 13,333,333,337 Blue Pollen from the Coconut Field. Collect 53,432,100,000 Goo from Red Flowers. Collect 777,911,911,911 Pollen with Bees. Collect 10,000,430,009 Pollen with the Bubble Wand. Collect 3,222,100,000 Pollen with Bumble Bees. Collect 4,000,430,009 Pollen with Bubble Bees. Collect 280,808,911 Pollen with Fetch. Pop 55,504 Bubbles. Get hit by Snowbear's Snowballs 114 times.

Pine Tree Forest Stamp Rose Field Stamp Pumpkin Patch Stamp Cactus Field Stamp Mountain Top Field Stamp Hub Field Stamp Coconut Field Stamp Pepper Patch Stamp Dandelion Field Stamp Mushroom Field Stamp Blue Flower Field Stamp Sunflower Field Stamp Clover Field Stamp Pineapple Field Stamp Bamboo Field Stamp Strawberry Field Stamp Basic Blue Hive Skin Basic Red Hive Skin Basic Pink Hive Skin Basic Green Hive Skin Basic Black Hive Skin Basic White Hive Skin Royal Symbol Sticker Cool Backpack Sticker Black Truffle Mushroom Sticker Shiitake Mushroom Sticker Morel Mushroom Sticker Eviction Sticker Triple Exclamation Sticker

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