How much guacamole, chicken wings and beer are consumed during the Super Bowl? (2024)

Super Bowl LVIII is just around the corner and as it is every year, it will be an event where American families will be glued to the TV for a few hours enjoying the big game, accompanied by traditional snacks such as wings, guacamole and of course, beer, to name just three.


During Super Bowl Sunday, American consumerism goes up a notch and this year is expected to be no exception, with tons of food being served in restaurants, bars and home-hosted barbecues with the excuse of watching the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

Guacamole is a fan favorite

Avocado is one of the main ingredients for food during the Super Bowl, with guacamole being one of the sauces that cannot be missed during the biggest game in the footballing calendar. According to various sources, around eight million pounds of guacamole, or the equivalent of 3628.73 tons, are eaten on this day annually.

A figure of approximately 139.4 million pounds of avocado is reportedly purchased in the United States on game day to prepare the guacamole, the vast majority of which is exported from Mexico.

Sealing the US-Mexico border would ruin the #SuperBowl. No guacamole or margaritas! $3.4B worth of beer goes through Eagle Pass alone! We would ruin the economy and fail to stop #Immigration. But there are real solutions:

? ChrisTomlinson (@cltomlinson) February 2, 2024

What about beer, wings and pizza?

According to one estimate, 48 million Americans order food on Super Bowl Sunday, with 60 percent of these orders being pizza, with popular fast-food stores almost doubling their usual Sunday sales on this day every year.

Another popular food is chicken wings. According to some estimates, 1.25 billion dollars' worth of chicken wings are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, which would equate to 162.5 million pounds of chicken on that day alone. Rather depressingly, this would account for around 500 million chickens being slaughtered.

Guacamole, Guaranteed

Americans consume nearly 80 million pounds of avocados on Super Bowl Sunday alone. #RGV#Trade

? (@rgv_com) February 2, 2024

Guacamole is often accompanied by corn chips or fries, with an estimated 8.2 million and 11.2 million pounds consumed respectively, as well as four million pounds of pretzels on the day itself.

Finally, Americans drink a lot of alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday, with 1.23 billion beers consumed according to the latest study, equivalent to 10.8 billion dollars being spent on beer alone across the entire country.

How much guacamole, chicken wings and beer are consumed during the Super Bowl? (2024)
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